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I've had many jobs to get through education without resorting to beans on toast, however I left these out as I presumed you wouldn't be interested in how many customers I served at Tesco, pizza's I delivered at Domino's or bricks carried across a building site!

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Understanding the users requirements or having understanding of the market and the problem play a big part in concept generation, however more vital than this is having a creative mind and exercising lateral thinking in order to find new and innovative solutions
Pen or pencil to paper is a means of getting an idea out of the mind, in order to move on, progress with the concept and review when required. Whether its a chicken scratch drawing on a napkin or a hand rendered perspective drawing, hand sketching is essential for good design
The beauty of modelling a concept is that you can view it from different angles, get a sense of scale and have a tangible object to present to others, which gives an instant impression of the concept. Whether blue foam, card or a composition of random materials, the model and the process of creating it gives deeper understanding of the concept

First introduced at college, developed through CAD & 3D Animation FdEng, and Industrial Design BA (Hons) then heavily applied through placement at Era Screens and freelance projects, AutoCAD has become a constantly used and essential program. Ideal for engineering drawings, technical drawings, layout design 2D CAD work as well as 3D CAD work
Introduced during CAD & 3D Animation FdEng, and developed through Industrial Design BA (Hons) then applied through placement at Era Screens. The main advantages of this surface modelling program is the freedom and scope of 3D modeling and animation. A go-to program for rendering, to provide photo-realistic renders, and animation, for its non-restricting capabilities
Perfect for the presentation of a concept, the advantages of this real-time renderer is the ability to quickly skim through material and finish options to view the possibilities of a concept. Providing an interactive platform for a viewer or client to freely and easily rotate, zoom and alter a concept
Developed through Industrial Design BA (Hons), this program is great for producing production-ready designs and concepts. With the seamless integration of engineering drawings it aids efficiency in the final stages of design. Being a solid modelling based program, conversion to a 3D printable file format is effortless

Harmony Timber Solutions

Design Technician

Trussed Rafter Design
Graphic Design for Print & Digital
3D CAD Design
Project Management

Work Examples:
Harmony Brochure

Freelance Design

Main Man

Web Design
Logo Design
Graphic Design
Client & Project Management
IT Consultancy
2D CAD Layout Drawings

Work Examples:
Lukes Legacy | B.Barnes Construction Services | ADL Brickwork Limited | Mountain Mission | Williams Weekender | Strawberry Laser Lipo

ICCM Learning Convention

Guest Speaker

Changing Perceptions of Life and Death Through Design
A presentation and discussion focusing on our cultures perceptions of life and death, the isssues with this and my answer to solving these issues through design.
This was a great chance to display the 'Post Life Vessel' project and discuss my findings and research with experts within the industry.
The presentation was well recieved, thought provoking and interesting, causing discussions from which valuable feedback was gained.

New Designers 2015


Exhibiting the 'Post Life Vessel' project
'The most important UK event for emerging design'
A great experience to view talented designers work from around the country whilst also discussing my own work with professionals and general public alike






Bournemouth University

Industrial Design BA (Hons)

1st Class Honours
Awarded Best Industrial Design Student
IED Student Prize Nominee
Part of a 2 person team which project managed Industrial Design's Festival of Design & Technology

Work Examples:
Post Life Vessel | La Cupola Animation | Ikea Rendering | Naoto Watch | Zoggs POS | Dyson Desktop | Brio Tower

Era Screens

Placement Design Student

Graphic Design for Print & Digital
3D Modelling & Rendering
Project Management
Creative Marketing

Work Examples:
Nautilus Stop Motion Animation | Linc Stop Motion Animation




Greenwich University
(Studying at Canterbury College)

CAD & 3D Animation

Pass with Commendation
Awarded Merit for Outstanding Achievement



Canterbury College

Operations & Maintenance Engineering

Merit - Merit - Merit







Dane Court Grammar School

Do GCSE's Still matter?

2 A's, 6 B's, 4 C's and 1 D