Dyson Desktop

Project Info

5 Weeks

Most designs we see around us are inspired by something and many use semiotics in order to subtly affect the user into feeling a particular emotion or igniting a passed memory in their cognitive mind influencing them feel a certain way

Ferrari's bold red colour gives a sense of excitement, power and speed. Coca Cola's glass bottle imitating a womanly figure, making the user feel it is more sleek and slender. Nike's footwear, taking inspiration from the human anatomy, allowing it to feel part of our body

Many designers use these techniques, and for good reason, it works and conveys an un-spoken message

The task for this project was to take Dyson, analyse the products from a particular era (DC01, 1993 – DC07, 2001), deconstruct the design to find the design philosophy, inspiration and semiotics used, then apply these to a totally different object

The colours are important, they give a feeling of independence, intelligence, sophistication, power and mystery

The clear body showcases the beauty of the inner workings and gives the user trust that there is nothing to hide

Bold geometric shapes give a feeling of structure and robustness

A daring design, breaking the mold of the current market whilst correcting issues, solving problems and using new technology

These elements were then implemented to redesign the desktop computer system

A desktop for the person working from home, wanting to feel they are serious about their work, unclipping the mouse and keyboard like tools from a builders work belt, feeling confident that the machine will not let them down and will out perform the rivals of the market with its new technology and visible bladeless fan keeping it cool whilst working hard

The back ports are easily accessible from the spindle design which the user feels fully in control of yet still finds mysterious how the mechanisms make it possible.

The system is housed within a robust cylindrical shape, breaking the mold of the norm

  • Solid Works
  • Model Making