Luke's Legacy

Project Info

The Luke Williams Charitable trust (also known as 'Luke's Legacy'), is a trust dedicated to supporting local charities, build communities and keep the memory of Luke Williams alive

For the logo a side profile of Luke Williams was used as the main focus, to help carry on the memory of the man and ensure the origin of the trust is always prevelant

The circular border and text gives a poignant visual sense of unity, rebirth, stability and community, all of which are strong values within the trust

Green had been used heavily with previous events leading upto the formation of Luke's Legacy. Green was again used as the main colour, opting for a Hunter Green shade. This specific shade is known for evoking feelings of teamwork, heritage, purity and versatility

The secondary colours compliment the entire pallette, browns & beiges communicate stability, reliability & approachability. The blue colours conveying proffesionalism, loyalty & trust


The website was designed to; accumulate all information regarding the trust, explain the trusts connected to other charities, give precise details of events, inspire others in ways to get involved, contain an immersive gallery and provide the platform for a fully functioning blog

The multipage website contains images and icons, breaking up text and keeping the entire site engaging and unified

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript