Zoggs POS

Project Info

5 Weeks

The purpose of a POS is not only provide a stand for the product but to promote the brand, entice people and attract attention

The Zoggs POS was a project undertaken at Bournemouth University in conjunction with Kesslers, a brand and retail display company

To fully understand their manufacture techniques a visit to their offices and factory took place

The design is to facilitate adult swimwear and accessories,to be placed within health and fitness clubs

Colours play a big part in Zoggs brand identity, the POS utilises their colour palette to instantly represent the brand

The modular capabilities of the stand allow the staff to easily re-position items for promotion or re-organising

The stance of the outlined man poised on top of the stand gives a sense of energy and power, suggesting the products can aid the users performance

  • Solid Works
  • Detail Drawings